Please take a moment to review these common questions you may have regarding the process before submitting a tattoo request. Thank you!

How far are you booked out?

• About 2-3 months in advance

Do you take walk ins?

• Unless there is a cancellation or I happen to finish a tattoo early, it is rare. The best way to guarantee getting tattooed is by making an appointment.

How do I book an appointment?

• Please read through my website carefully & thoroughly then proceed to fill out a Tattoo Request Form

What are your rates?

• The shop minimum is $100 and my hourly rate is $200/hr. Typically, traditional palm sized tattoos fall around 300/400 and full sized hand tattoos around 500/600

What is your preferred style to tattoo?

• My favorite will always be traditional, and although black & grey has my heart🖤 I enjoy the opportunity to play with color as well. I am also very drawn to henna/mehndi inspired ornamental work and would love to take on more large scale projects in this style! Last but certainly not least, I am a sucker for hand drawn lettering and will almost always make time in my schedule to fit it in.

Are there any tattoos/styles you won’t do?

• Do not come to me for racist imagery or hate symbols. The only style I will turn away is watercolor tattoos. I’m just not the one. I also do not tattoo hands, neck or face unless you are HEAVILY tattooed.

Do you do cover ups/reworks?

• It varies person to person. If I feel that we can work together to come up with a solution for your problem, I will most definitely take on the project. If you have a cover up or rework you’d like me to look at, please call the shop to book an in-person consultation.

Do you tattoo minors?

• It depends, mostly on subject matter and placement of the tattoo. What you find meaningful at 16 & 17 can drastically change when you become an adult. Trust me, I know. Minors can call the shop to schedule a free consultation (please mention you are underage!)

When can I see my drawing?

• I will have a sketch prepared for you at the time of our appointment. I do not show any designs prior to your scheduled appointment, unless it’s from my flash. There is always time to make any edits or small changes the day of. Major changes may require a reschedule.

What if I need to reschedule/cancel?

•Please give at least 24 hours notice when rescheduling appointments, in order to roll over your deposit. After the third reschedule, you will need to put down a new deposit. Considering the circumstances, cancellations within 24 hours or no call, no shows will lead to forfeiture of deposit.

Where are you located?

• Oasis Tattoo Collective is located in downtown Gainesville at Union Street Station, 201 SE 2nd Ave #110. There is ample garage & street parking nearby and plenty of coffee shops/restaurants within walking distance.

How do I care for a healing tattoo?

• After removing the bandage, with clean hands, wash the tattoo in gentle, circular motions with warm water and a mild, antibacterial soap like Gold Dial or Dr. Bronner’s until all the excess blood and ink is removed. Pat the area dry with a paper towel and allow the tattoo to air dry for an hour. Repeat this process 2-4 times daily for the first week or so. By day 3, you will notice some dryness/itchiness in the affected area. You may apply a thin layer of fragrance free water based lotion to help moisturize the tattoo. It is important you do not pick or scratch at the tattoo while healing, as well as avoid soaking in water or sun exposure until fully healed. Any other questions regarding the healing process, please call 352.451.4851